"Everybody! Shut up! - I wanna learn!"

Anna Nerdington is a 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is a nerd and a student at Greenlake High. She is very strong friends with Autumn Pages and Emily Calor. She was the first character created in the School Gurlz franchise.

Portrayers Edit

In the TV specials, Anna Nerdington is voiced by FluffyNugget.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Anna is well known to have a kind heart, and will help anyone in need. She can get rather excited before her favourite lessons, which are usually maths and science, and can get quite frustrated when students disrupt the lesson. Sometimes she can be sassy in personality, Anna is not one to let others step on her and her ambitions, despite her inicial cheerful self. Other from that, she is definately someone that you would want to be friends with.

Appearance Edit

Anna partially sticks to the uniform code by wearing a blouse and jumper but both with the sleeves cut off, and also a striped skirt which is cut above knee length. She wears black leather boots and carries a pink leopard-print backpack. She is a mixed-race girl with brown eyes with a little makeup, thick black glasses and her hair is neatly cut into a bob cut.

Skills Edit

  • Arithmetic: Anna can solve many equations within seconds. The only thing that slows her down is sequences, especially the 'Nth term rule'.
  • Periodic Table: Anna can recount all 118 elements of the periodic table. She knows their atomic numbers and can mark on where the halogens, alkalis and noble gases are.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Not much is known about Anna's family, apart from that she has an older brother. It is assumed that there is some sibling rivalry between the two.

Friends Edit

Autumn Pages Edit

Anna and Autumn are roommates. The two are very close, and Anna always helps Autumn get into her wheelchair every morning. She is also the number one reader on Autumn's blog, and reviews her posts before she posts them.

Emily Calor Edit

Anna's other BFF is Emily Calor. They are in the same art class, where the two first met after being assigned project partners. Emily even painted a portrait of Anna and won first place in an art contest; she split the prize with her.

Pet Edit

Anna currently does not have a pet. She mentions that she had a goldfish back at home, but feels that she would struggle finding time in her schedule for a pet.

Romance Edit

Anna states herself that she tries not to be affected by love.

Trivia Edit

  • She has had many design changes between the first idea and the final doll. These are:
    • Hairstyle - The original hairstyle was two bulky plaits. This was changed when her backpack struggled to fit on her back and was changed to a bob.
    • Outfit - The first outfit was exactly the school uniform. Anna wore a tie, had sleeves and had a longer skirt. The second outfit was a modified version of the uniform, but with no sleeves, no tie and a shorter skirt.
    • Shoes - Her shoes were going to have mini bows on them. These were changed to laces.
  • She was made from a knockoff Clawdeen Wolf doll. Her wolf ears had to be removed, resulting in no human ears visable on her doll. These had to be moulded on to the head to support her glasses.
  • In Past the Firewall, it was revealed that she has an older brother who is a computer genius.

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