"I already know I'm going to be voted most popular this year - and it's only day one."

Phoebe Divar is a 2016-introduced and all-around character, though shown to be slightly antagonistic during the beginning. She is a fashionista at a student at Greenlake High. Though she claims to be "popular with everyone", she is mostly seen with Georgia Cheer.

Portrayers Edit

In the TV specials, Phoebe Divar's voice actor is yet to be revealed.

Character Edit

Background Edit

Before high school, Phoebe was just an ordinary student. With her sister coming home from high school saying that she was just "a student, just one of the crowd", Phoebe felt pressured to stand out. After her parents' recent divorce, Phoebe has become rebellious and has fits of rage every so often. She has taken her mother's maiden name of Divar and lives with her all times.

Personality Edit

Phoebe secretly has a good heart, but feels pressured by her family to stand out. She is rebellious and has a strong sense of justice, which is known to get her into trouble. She was so determined to remove the uniform code that she actually abolished it completely. She sometimes expects too much of people and has sudden outbreaks of rage due to her parents' divorce.

Appearance Edit

Phoebe is instantly recognisable to every student. She sticks to skin-tight outfits and shirt skirts that were once mocked "your skirt's so short you might as well be naked." She has long, blonde hair with a pink streak.

Skills Edit

  • Fashion Designing: Anna Nerdington describes how she is thinking about Phoebe designing her prom dress. Phoebe also mentions herself doing this in her diary and sometimes doodles designs in her books.
  • Dress-Making: Phoebe sometimes makes her own outfits and especially enjoys textiles.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Phoebe's parents are divorced. Before going to Greenlake High, she lived with her mother and sister.

Friends Edit

Phoebe claims to be "popular with everyone" but is often seen with Georgia Cheer.

Pet Edit

Phoebe has a chihuahua called Skylar.

Romance Edit

Phoebe currently does not have a boyfriend. However, she has endless crushes on boys. A lot of boys do have crushes on her as well, especially Lloyd Brainson.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first doll to be designed by BlackCat.
  • Her name was originally going to be Marilyn Divar, but was changed. Marilyn became her sister's name shortly after the change.
  • Her hairstyle was inspired by Ino Yamanaka's hairstyle from Naruto.